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a lion greeting you at kummakivi hill

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Welcome to explore the many wonders of Ruokolahti - be it natural, historical or man-made & modern. 

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A whopping 98 % of Ruokolahti municipality consists of forests and lakes - only 2 % are built areas. Forests cover 77% of Ruokolahti area, and lake Saimaa + 500 other lakes with their countless islands cover 21% of the area.

Finland has 168 000 lakes (over 500 m² in size) and lake Saimaa is the largest of them all (4300 km²).

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Ruokolahti is full of valuable landscapes, nature sites, prehistory and cultural history. One of ruokolahti's finest attractions is the Church hill and it's surroundings, which was chosen as the most beautiful landscape in South Karelia.

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Saimaa Geopark sites

Geology is the upcoming trend in nature tourism. Our Geoparks are popular with local and international hikers, nature lovers and history buffs.

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