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Restaurants, cafes & catering

Hungry or thirsty? Why not stop in a café or restaurant in Ruokolahti for tasty Finnish and international fare. Should you like to try some old style Finnish cooking, contact one of the caterers.

Rye is an important part of Ruokolahti & Karelian coulinary traditions. Karelian rye & rice pasties (karjalanpiirakka) and slow-cooked lamb stew cooked in wooden pots (särä) have been made for eons and are among our favourites also today. Some of the rarer and older tidbits like fish pot or rye porridge are made to order by traditional caterers only.

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Grocery stores

There are 5 grocery shops in the municipality, 3 of which are small but important village stores. At S-Market you'll  also find the pharmacy. 

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Specialty stores

For special needs, be it clothes, souvenirs or building materials, click below.

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Summer market

On fridays during the summer season. Events, local produce and handicrafts. The market place is beside the K-Market and taxi-station. The marble Ruokolahti Lion guards the market area.

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