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View from Hawk Hill

Haukkavuori - Hawk Hill

Haukkavuori [Hawk hill] in Sarajärvi is the highest point in Ruokolahti and in South Karelia. It rises to a height of about 80 meters above the surface of Lake Sarajärvi and 172 m above sea level. The views are amazing!


Nature values

Haukkavuori area is a valuable, peaceful habitat for it's vegetation and animals. It is one of South-East Finland's Natura-sites.


Birds & deciduous forest

On the mountain's southern slope there is deciduous forest, with plenty of lily of the valley, spring pea and leafy honeysuckle. Amidst the old aspens and birches both the gray-headed woodpecker and the rare white-backed woodpecker have been found nesting. The eagle owl and raven build their nests onto the rocky ledges.


Historical landmark

Haukkavuori is also a historical landmark. The Peace Treaty borders of Pähkinäsaari (1323), Täyssinä (1595) and Uusikaupunki (1721) passed through it. The border markers carved into the rock are made in 1721, at the time of Peace Treaty of Uusikaupunki.