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Saimaa Geopark sites

Geology and Geoparks are growing trends in travel

The goal of Geoparks is sustainable economic development with the help of geotourism. As tourist attractions, geoparks can be compared to national parks and UNESCO world heritage sites, even though a Geopark is not a protected area. The Geopark logo tells travelers about high-quality local products worldwide. 



Geoparks are tributes to local specialities

Geopark -info is always well researched, so many educational institutions can use Geoparks in their teaching. The goal is to increase knowledge and appreciation of local sights and their specialties, both locally and internationally. 

All Geoparks are a part of the international Geopark network. Through the network all Geoparks and their local services gain international visibility. In Ruokolahti the Saimaa Geopark -signpost is located next to the local museum, near the wooden church.


Geoparks in Ruokolahti

There are five Saimaa Geoparks in Ruokolahti:

1) Huuha Beach (Salpausselkä II),

2) Kolmiköytinen rock paintings,

3) Kummakivi erratic boulder,

4) Salpalinja bunker line and it's boulders &

5) Ruokolahti Church Hill.

Huuhanranta - Huuha beach

The 1.5 km long sandy beach of Huuhanranta is one of the longest in Saimaa and thus got the nickname "Saimaa Riviera". The area is excellent for family outings and swimming even with small children, because the water is very shallow and the visibility is good.

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Kolmiköytinen rock painting

The Kolmiköytinen rock painting was made 4,700-3,700 years ago.

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Kummakivi - Bizarre Boulder

Kummakivi [Bizarre Boulder] is a 7 x 5 x 4 meter erratic boulder that the last ice age dropped to rest on top of convex bedrock 11 500 years ago. What makes it special is that the contact area with the rock below is very small, only about 0.5 m². Kummakivi is a protected site.

An easy 600 m path leads to the boulder from the parking lot. The entire circular scenic path, should you wish to take it, is approx. 2 km long.

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Salpalinja - Finland's Latch

Along the Salpalinja road (Salpalinjantie) & through Syyspohja, runs the 1200 km long World War II defense line, Salpalinja [Finland's Latch]. In this area it includes two- and four-row boulder barriers, battle trenches and dugouts.
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Ruokolahti Church Hill

Ruokolahti Church and the buildings around it are built on an ancient glacial river bed. 

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