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The Museum

ruokolahti museum

The local museum opposite the old graveyard was founded in 1955. The building itself was built in 1861 as a storage place for seeds and grains for poor families to borrow from in times of need.

The Ground Floor hosts artefacts from the three previous burned churches, that were in the same spot as the current church. Then there's the Albert Edelfelt - room where you'll find out about the birth of the world famous "Ruokolahti women on church hill" -painting (1887), top picture.  And the 3rd room here is the Money room, with old coins and archaeological finds.

Household and craft items are on the 1st floor, as well as military history items. The 2nd floor introduces Ruokolahti  area's agriculture and farming history.

Open tue - sun from 11 to 17 o'clock between June 6. - Aug 27. in 2023
(closed Fri 23.6.2023)

Ruokolahti National Costume

ruokolahti national costume

The skirt is dark brown, almost black, with a red hem and the fabrik is half wool, half cotton with satin bindings. The vest is dark blue thin linen, with skillfull clefts at the back.

The apron is handmade lace in red, white and blue. The white veil is tied on with precision and is one of the longest veils of all national costumes in Finland.