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The current church was completed in 1854 and is the fourth church at the same location. It is a wooden cruciform church built in the style of the transitional period between Empire and Neo-Gothic. There are 1200 seats.

The belfry in the old cemetery is one of the oldest buildings in Ruokolahti. It was built in 1752 as the belfry of the third church.

At the beginning of the 19th century, the belfry was already ordered to be taken down, because it was feared that it would fall when the big bell was rung. The bell was finally moved to the church tower and the belfry remained.

Ruokolahti Church

Talonpoikaiskulttuurisäätiö [The Peasant Culture Foundation] awarded Heinaho Farm an honorary certificate for the preservation of traditional building in 2003. Heinaho is located 110 m above sea level, in one of the highest places on Äitsaari island. Heinaho courtyard, museum and living area are open to groups by agreement.

Heinaho Farm

Ruokolahti has a total of about 70 mill rapids, all of which were once harnessed. The most important mills were the Idman (Pappila) Mill near the church, Kemppilä Mill, Veikkola Mill in Kuopiola, Kaijanlahti Mill in Karkia, Inkinen Mill in Utula, Virmutjoki Mill, Rinkinen Mill, Hellsten Mill, Laamala Top and Bottom Mills and Pellinen Mill.

Mill Rapids

On a ridge above lake Saimaa in Haloniemi stands a handsome Art Nouveau castle with a colorful history. It was built in 1912 for lawyer Fritz Wiik of Vyborg. Russian nobility of the Romanov -family owned and lived in Rantalinna 1915-1929, after which it was a Finnish military hospital, a vacation spot for train conductors and lastly, a hotel.

Nowadays (2022) it is rented only as a whole entity, all 13 rooms together.


The Municipal House was built in 1933 overlooking lake Saimaa. The building was designed by the Vyborg -based architect Jalmari Lankinen and was built by KV Sten Constructions. The inauguration of the building was held on July 27, 1934.

Ruokolahti Mucipal House

Ruokolahti Sports hall was completed in 2011 and it cost approx. € 4.5 million. The sports hall has a 1125 m2 (45 m x 25 m) sports area that can be divided into three blocks, a 168 m2 gym and a 35 m2 weight room. The height is 9.2 m from the floor to the roof beam. There is place for 300 spectators + 450 people in the hall, a total of 750. The big hall is suitable for e.g. for ball and group exercise.

Sports hall

In Sipiniemi, a Saimaa peninsula, there is a yellow Functionalist style house built in 1956. The building was designed by Veikko Larkas and Laura Järvi-Larkas. The annexed student dormitory was built in 1979.
In 1998, the college expanded and the 300-seat Ruokolahti Hall was built. The altarpiece "Karelian Christ" is made by the artist Maire Pyykkö, her husband Arkadi and their son Denis.
STEP Academy, Ruokolahti

The local museum opposite the old graveyard was founded in 1955. The building itself was built in 1861 as a storage place for seeds and grains for poor families to borrow from in times of need.

The Ground Floor hosts artefacts from the three previous burned churches, that were in the same spot as the current church. Then there's the Albert Edelfelt - room where you'll find out about the birth of the world famous "Ruokolahti women on church hill" -painting (1887), top picture.  And the 3rd room here is the Money room, with old coins and archaeological finds.

Household and craft items are on the 1st floor, as well as military history items. The 2nd floor introduces Ruokolahti  area's agriculture and farming history.

Open tue - sun from 11 to 17 o'clock between June 6. - Aug 27. in 2023 (closed Fri 23.6.2023).

Ruokolahti Museum

Valkinhovi is a hunting lodge -type manor built in the 1920ies. It is located in Hauklappi, Ruokolahti. At Valkinhovi Manor guests can spend an active nature holiday.

The manor's surroundings are local nature at their best. The wilderness style landscape combines water, dense forests, rocky hills and abundant fauna with all the large mammals found in Finland. In addition to Saimaa, there are several other lakes nearby. The nearby forests are perfect terrain for berry and mushroom picking.