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People playing in the water

Huuha Beach

If you are looking for a long and beautiful sandy beach in Saimaa area, one of the best can be found in Ruokolahti in the direction of Utula - Huuhanranta or Huuha beach. 1,5 km of fine sand on a south-facing beach, located behind a high Ice age sand ridge. Huuhanranta is made for sunny summer days. Huuha beach has also been called "Saimaa Riviera", for good reason.

The area is excellent for family outings and swimming even with small children, because the water is very shallow and the visibility is good. A firewood shed, a composting toilet and a waste container have been built in the area for campers and hikers.

If arriving by boat, the best bet is a canoe or a rowing boat due to shallow waters. Larger boats have to be left at anchor some hundred meters from the shoreline, as even there it's less than 1 m deep. Please avoid driving to or on the beach. Please leave car on top of the ridge and walk to the beach.

Huuhanranta is one of the Saimaa Geopark sites. Read more about the Huuhanranta shore formations on Saimaa Geopark website.

People enjoying summer day on Huuha beach

picnic on the Huuha beach