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A sign of Puntala trail

Puntala Trail

Puntala Kissankierros [Cat loop] is meant to be walked counter-clockwise.

The first part of the trail runs through a tree nursery and logging clearing. The forest road is easy to navigate and the entire route cycle can be done in sneakers during summer. There are some minor hills on the first half. About half way, the route runs along Ollinpolku (see above), so the trail can be extended by about 2,5 kilometres by combining Ollinpolku path with it.

The trail is fairly well marked, but do pay attention, in a few places the markings are slightly contradictory. Use a map. Along the route, there is a campfire place at Vaarasmäki shelter. Perhaps the best experience for a nature lover  is the surroundings of Haiseva pond a couple of kilometers after departure. Near the pond there is also a large cave located under a rock ledge.

The starting point is the intersection of Puntalantie and Sopenmäentie. A dirt road leads to the trail from the intersection.

Puntala Kissankierros pamphlet. The map helps, but the rest is in Finnish only.

Route map from Ruokolahti library to Puntala Kissankierros

Puntala trail

Puntala trail