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Lääväkorpi-Syväjärvi Trail

Lääväkorpi trail (18 km) follows forest paths and forest roads. Some kilometres before Myllykoski, the slopes are quite steep. The trail is demanding for both walkers and cyclists and not suitable for people in poor health. Myllykoski shelter and its surroundings are a great place to relax & there is a composting toilet and a campfire site. The trail is fairly well marked on the terrain, with orange paint spots and signs.

Departure and finish are at the Ruokolahti sports field (Metsolantie 3). If you want to go counter-clockwise, start from the right side of the footbridge behind the sports field. You can also start the trip from Lumikontie or Puumalantie. A paper map of this popular trail (Orientation map Lääväkorpi) is available at the library Tourist info: Nällikuja 1, 56100 Ruokolahti.

Map of start/finish site

a path in a forest