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a view from Haukkavuori

Ruokolahti-Rautjärvi Trail

The Ruokolahti-Rautjärvi hiking trail offers hikers a wide variety of landscapes accross ridges, hills and along many scenic lakes. The trail is a part of the European long-distance hiking trail system E10, forming a connection between Ruokolahti, Rautjärvi and Parikkala. The length of the trail from Ruokolahti via Haukkavuori to Rautjärvi is 70 km.

Departure/finish is at the Ruokolahti sports field (Metsolantie 3). You can also start the trip from Lumikontie or Puumalantie.

Map of start/finish site

Planning map for the 70 km Ruokolahti - Rautjärvi trail. Do not use as an only map for navigation.

a view from Haukkavuori