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a view from Haukkavuori

Haukkavuori Trail

Haukkavuori 1,6 km ja 4,5 km ja yhteys E10-reittiin

The highest point in South Karelia is in the northern part of Ruokolahti, Haukkavuori [Hawk Hill]. It is a historical landscape and nature destination on the border of Ruokolahti and Rautjärvi. There is a drop of 80 meters from the top of the hill to the sparkling lake Sarajärvi below. The views alone are worth the walk. 

A guided path leads you from the parking lot to the top of Haukkavuori. The path is in good condition, but requires a bit of climbing. The round trip to the viewpoint is about 1,6 km. From the top of Haukkavuori you can also take a forest path tour that is just under three kilometers long and well marked with blue dots. The path leads to the E10 trail system.

The municipality of Rautjärvi is maintains the paths.

The parking lot is at the end of Haukkavuorenpolku, near Haukkavuorentie. Next to the parking lot there is a shelter, a campfire site and a composting toilet.

Route map from Ruokolahti library to Haukkavuori

A view from Haukkavuori

A view from Haukkavuori