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Paddling on a lake


Ruokolahti canoe route - 110 km of peace & paddling

The experienced paddler can get to know Saimaa on a 110 kilometer long paddling/rowing route. This picturesque route runs along the archipelago, along canals and narrow river sections. The route offers beautiful & varied views of lacustrine Ruokolahti as well as nice, versatile paddling.

En route there are 10 resting places, 8 of which have a lean-to. See brochure and map →


Shorter routes

A suitable one day kayak route is the Salosaari circuit. For a two-day excursion you can paddle around Äitsaari. At the southern tip of Karoniemi peninsula, there's a lean-to where you can make fire (unless prohibited by te officials!) and sleep overnight - bring sleeping bags & evertyhing you need with you.

Both of these routes can be taken from e.g. Vaittila beach or Ruokolahti harbor.


Canoe and kayak rental & organized tours

  • Canoe and kayak rental at Saimaa Bikepark, which operates in connection with Freeski ski center