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Salosaari Trail

Salosaari Nature Trail

The Salosaari nature trail is just over a kilometre long, but the difference in altitude is such that many people may find it a bit longer. The difference in altitude is about 40 metres. The trail starts with a couple of hundred metres of duckboards.

On a day without rain, the trail offers a nice nature experience both along the streams and from the top of the hill. All the nature boards along the route are no longer up to date due to logging. The branches of the trees sometimes touch the walker so much that, immediately after the rain, you can't get through the trail with dry clothes. 

The circular route is satisfactorily marked when you go round it in a counter-clockwise direction. The initial part of the trail is uphill and follows a beautiful creek, occasionally crossing a clearing. As you descend, you return to the forest along another stream.

The trail starts from Salosaarentie 38, Salosaarentie.

Route map from Ruokolahti library to Salosaari nature trail