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Nature trails

Ruokolahti nature trails are mostly easy to navigate. The lengths vary from half a kilometre to just over two kilometres.

Torsanjoki nature trail

The Torsanjoki [Torsa river] nature trail and log shelter can be found in Pohjalankila in northern Ruokolahti. In order to protect water quality in lake Torsa, a wetland has been built around the lake. There is a 1 km long nature trail with a log cabin, a wood shelter with dry trees, a composting toilet and a bird tower. In the springtime you can spot swans, curlews and beautiful ruffs from the tower. If you're hungry after walking around the path and watching birds, you can enjoy a snack over the fire by the shelter.

The log shelter and bird tower were built by the local village association: Pohjalankilan Kylät ry. Torsanjoki shelter is easily accessible from Särkilahdentie road near Torsanpää. Parking is at the beginning of the trail/at the edge of the wetland.

Route map from Ruokolahti library to Torsa river nature trail

Torsanjoen luontopolku -pamphlet with a rough map, but only in Finnish.

Kummakivi trails

Kummakivi [Bizarre boulder] is an erratic boulder which was glacially transported to rest on top of a rôche moutonnée. The boulder is special since only around 0.5mof its surface area is in contact with the rock below it. The dimensions of the boulder itself are approx. 7m x 4m x 5m. There is a Saimaa Geopark sign at Kummakivenmäki parking area. Another sign is next to Kummakivi.

The shortest trail from the parking area to Kummakivi and back is 1 km. The forest path is easy to walk, but after rain you may get your feet wet. The height difference on the route is only 25 m. The longer, circular Sammalsilta [Moss bidge] route measures about 2,3 kilometers. About a kilometer of this circular route runs along a gravel road.

The Kummakivi parking area can be found at the end of Kummakiventie.

Lohela Lion trail

Leijonapolku [Lion trail] starts from Lohela along highway 6 and is about 1,5 km long. Along the trail there are, among other things, silhouettes of animals of different sizes, e.g. lions. Puzzles and tasks inspired by the Ruokolahti lion (see Animals -page) have been placed along the the trail. The trail is suitable for the whole family.

The trail was opened in September 2012, 20 years from the lion sighting, and was built by Kulttuuripalvelu Kaiku Ky (Creative Kaiku).

Route map from Ruokolahti library to Lohela Lion trail.

Eukko trail

The Eukko [old wife] Trail is a 3 km long hiking trail built in the immediate vicinity of Ruokolahti church hill. It presents the history of the  region and its special and interesting geology.

The route starts and ends at the museum (Rasilantie 1), where you can park your car. There are 18 info signs along the way. The route is mainly a forest path and quite demanding in a few places, so good shoes are a must.

Eukkojen polku