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Kummakivi trail in the forest

Nature trails

Ruokolahti nature trails are mostly easy to navigate. The lengths vary from half a kilometre to just over two kilometres.

Eukko Trail

The Eukko [old wife] Trail is a 3 km long hiking trail built in the immediate vicinity of Ruokolahti church hill. It presents the history of the region and its special and interesting geology.


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A map of Eukko Trail

Kummakivi Trails

Kummakivi [Bizarre boulder] is an erratic boulder which was glacially transported to rest on top of a rôche moutonnée. The shortest trail from the parking area to Kummakivi and back is 1 km.

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Lanajoki Conservation Area

The Lanajoki conservation area is located just outside the centre of Ruokolahti. The area has a few hundred metres of trail and a great lookout by the small waterfall of Lanakoski.

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the lanajoki river in the middle of the forest

Torsanjoki Nature Trail

The Torsanjoki [Torsa river] nature trail and log shelter can be found in Pohjalankila in northern Ruokolahti. The log shelter and bird tower were built by the local village association: Pohjalankilan Kylät ry. Torsanjoki shelter is easily accessible from Särkilahdentie road near Torsanpää.

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Torsanjoki nature trail

Salosaari Nature Trail

The Salosaari nature trail is just over a kilometre long, but the difference in altitude is such that many people may find it a bit longer. The difference in altitude is about 40 metres. The trail starts with a couple of hundred metres of duckboards.

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salosaari nature trail