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Torsanjoki nature trail

Torsanjoki Nature Trail

The Torsanjoki [Torsa river] nature trail and log shelter can be found in Pohjalankila in northern Ruokolahti. In order to protect water quality in lake Torsa, a wetland has been built around the lake. There is a 1 km long nature trail with a log cabin, a wood shelter with dry trees, a composting toilet and a bird tower. In the springtime you can spot swans, curlews and beautiful ruffs from the tower. If you're hungry after walking around the path and watching birds, you can enjoy a snack over the fire by the shelter.

The log shelter and bird tower were built by the local village association: Pohjalankilan Kylät ry. Torsanjoki shelter is easily accessible from Särkilahdentie road near Torsanpää. Parking is at the beginning of the trail/at the edge of the wetland.

Route map from Ruokolahti library to Torsa river nature trail

Torsanjoen luontopolku -pamphlet with a rough map, but only in Finnish.